Living in Portugal, I saw life in more limiting terms: wearing shorts was not acceptable in public, having a colorful wardrobe was too prideful. Anything that looked 'different' was worthy of comment in a manner that suggested 'change, so you will be accepted by us' and 'we have always done that for centuries, change is suspect'.  At the same time, it was enriching to study architecture or history and visit the places and monuments built by those who had lived centuries before; to have picnics in ruins built in the first century. 

As an adult, I have lived in Denver metro area for nearly 30 years, married a Denver native and raised four children, all born here. Seeing the world through their eyes, I came to appreciate the deep roots they formed to a place they love. For myself, I finally formed deep friendships that lasted through hard times. I have come to feel grounded here, at least as much as a global nomad can. 

As a counselor, I bring all those experiences and lessons to the dyad. I am more aware than most how culture and subcultures define and influence us. So whether you were born and raised in one location, moved frequently within one country, or lived in many countries, one of the ways I can help you is by looking at your cultural influences.


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