Judy is an artist, writer, and therapist who explores the intersection of faith, relationships and culture

Some of the areas I explore include:


Life Transitions


Third Culture Kid

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Judy is a deep thinker with a high sense of intuition and insight, born from her life experiences.

She lived overseas as a child, learning at a young age that not everyone thinks the same or has the same perspective on the same subject. She learned to be curious about people, why they think and act the way they do and what spirituality, relationships and culture look like in different contexts.

She is a mom of four, grandmother of two and counting. She was born in Brazil and lived there until she was 14, moving to Portugal with her parents and sisters until she graduated from high school at an international school near Lisbon. After completing her undergraduate degree in theology in Minnesota, she moved to Denver with her husband and started a family. As her kids entered their teen years, she went back to school and completed her master’s degree in counseling.

She ran a private practice in Denver and Boulder for three years and then decided it was time for a change and turned to writing, gleaned from her experiences overseas, raising a family, and being a therapist. She is an avid reader and podcast listener, preferring to be challenged with various views of faith, relational dynamics and cultural expression.

Her spiritual background is in the Christian tradition, but looks for truth wherever it can be found. Her belief is that if something is true, then it has to cross cultures, religion, genders and social economic status. She is always searching for that thread of truth, discarding falsehood, even if it is found in her own faith tradition.