Do you need help dealing with depression and anxiety? Do you often feel isolated and that no one really understands you? Do you struggle to find hope in the midst of a world that seems to have gone mad? Are loneliness and longing for significance constant companions? I am a Christian therapist who helps with a variety of mental and emotional problems. I offer help to all who come from a variety of faiths.

My specialties include: 

Third Culture Kid (TCK)

Third culture kid is someone who grew up in two or more countries. They struggle with questions of "who am I?" and "where is home?" I help TCK's with adjustment and processing unresolved grief and loss.  Click here to learn more.


Depression is something I struggled with in college and as a mom raising four children when my husband was working and going to school. I understand how depression can remove belief that joy is possible again. Let me tell you that you can feel joy again. I do. Click here to learn more.

Life Transitions

We all experience transition in one way or another. Sometimes those transitions are difficult. Parenting, going to college, empty nest, moving. I can help you make those transitions more smoothly. Click here to learn more.

When Talk Therapy Doesn't Work

Sometimes talk therapy doesn't work for certain people. For whatever reason, they cannot express their emotions too well. They may too young or simply not have the vocabulary to  tell anyone what they are feeling. I do a type of energy healing called Splankna. You can read more about it below. Click here to learn more.


Parenting is a difficult, challenging and immensely rewarding job. I know, I have raised three boys and a girl. I loved being a parent, most of the time. There were days though, when I fantasized about being single and free. Free of the constant demands on my time, energy, mental health! I came to realize that as my kids were learning from me, I was learning from them: patience, to love when they weren't so lovable, faith, endurance, and so much more. I love to help you with your parenting questions, fears and worries. Click here to learn more.