My fee is $100 an hour. I have a limited amount of spaces that I reserve for a discount. Contact me further if you have questions.

At this time, I do not take insurance. If you'd like to know more about the pros and cons of mental health insurance, please read the following article: You might find it in your best interest not to use your insurance for mental health purposes. 

For further help and information, please contact me at 720-201-5030

I included a paragraph below from the article. Pay special attention to point #1.

The conduct of psychotherapy is, under this system, determined by the terms of the contracts binding the providers and the company that manages utilization. Typically, these contracts set providers’ fees and make a number requirements of providers, including the following: (1) Providers are generally required to submit detailed confidential information about the client’s problems, history, current functioning and the course of treatment to these case managers and other employees of these intermediary companies for evaluation and review. (2) They are generally required to abide by the intermediary company’s final decision concerning whether treatment is in fact necessary. (3) They are generally required to refrain from informing clients about alternative treatment options that may contradict the decisions of the intermediary company. (4) They are generally required to absolve the intermediary company of any legal or ethical responsibility in the event that the client believes that he or she has been harmed by failure to obtain adequate treatment. Therapists are at risk for firing, cancellation of their contracts, or even legal action if they fail to deliver contracted psychotherapy services in a consistent and cost-effective way.