Do you ever find yourself in an endless, circular argument with someone over a seemingly mindless point?

Do you find yourself triggered by a look, a tone of voice or some random event and you struggle to control your emotions, and maybe not even know why?

Do you believe you will never be loved and accepted again or continually feel incompetent even though you have plenty of knowledge and experience?

Have you ever felt that you keep returning to the same patterns over and over in spite of all the work you do to change them?

Sometimes “talk therapy” is not enough or isn’t working anymore. In those cases, with the client’s permission, I use energy healing. Energy healing releases trapped emotions associated with past trauma(s). For example, if you developed a fear of heights and every time you walked by a balcony you experienced a panic attack, then by accessing and clearing out the initial cause of that fear (falling out of a bunk bed perhaps), you would no longer be triggered into that fear.

There are many types of energy psychology or healing, but the kind I use incorporates prayer, forgiveness and revoking lies and vows made in an attempt to solve problems, even if only subconsciously. From the above example, you may vow, “I will NEVER walk by a balcony”. This may solve the problem, but it is not living a life of freedom. A lie might be, “I was so stupid for falling out of my bunk bed”. This may help you excuse what happened, but it steals joy and leaves you feeling bad about yourself. Energy healing gets at the source, the trapped emotion associated with that experience and the vows and lies that sprung from that experience and releases them. It sets you free.

Energy psychology is an effective way to get rid of triggers, hang-ups and relational problems. If you desire to incorporate this into your counseling time, let me know. It's also been shown to speed up the counseling process overall through this life with less confusion and healthier connectedness. Read my story

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